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Yes, it's a torturous, tree-hugger documentary, but dammit people, these tools really are out to kill you all.  OK, maybe not actually kill, but certainly take a whip to ya.  Just like in Ben Hur, Gladiator, et al.  Cheap-assed-junk-consumerism is truly a scourge on the planet.  You could substitute "Home Depot" for "Walmart", and I speak from personal experience.  Yes, I was stupid enough to work at the evironment-killingist, fear-as-leadership, weed-out-the-strong-ones, waste-is-the-policy bastards you ever wanted to see, Home Depot.  I'm sure I'll write about it soon enough. 
  Whatever.  Rent it or buy it, but see this damned movie, even if it's painful.  And if you shop at either one, cut that shit out jerk.
Working for Home Depot was truly the suckiest job I've ever had, and I've had some jobs that sucked."
-Bishop, damned gentleman