You've got something to say?  There's the link right there.  It ain't gonna click itself.  But you'd better read the what e-mailing me means to you agreement below.
  If you choose to e-mail me, you agree that I own the e-mail in it's entirety, and you agree not to be shocked if I post it, delete it, or forward it to people that annoy me.  If you request anonymity, I will not post your e-mail address or other pertinent information.  Keep in mind that I'm already brilliant, so I don't need your pedantic advice.  I also have slightly under 7 million ideas to write about, so suggestions are, at best, pointless.  But hey, don't let that stop you.  Maybe your some cool cat, like Tony Gwynn or Clive Cussler, or Hugh Hefner, honorary Damned Gentlemen all.  That would be excellent, but unlikely, so there it is.
So, a daunting task.  I'll let you know if anything interesting comes across.
"When you've just finished writing a letter telling someone something you really wanted to tell them, and you go to get a stamp, and you can't find one, well, that sucks."
-Genghis Khan
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The e-mail link used to lead to a now defunct address.
It currently leads to nothing.