I  guess you could consider this a mission statement of sorts.  I recommend that everyone who wishes to e-mail or spazz out read this first.  It may help to clear up useless effort and vitriol on your part.  Peace.

OK, that ought to hold you for awhile.  Keep a weather eye, for they run up the storm warning when I step into the room.  Especially when I'm gassed up, but especially when I'm gassed up.
"It's a joke!  Whenever you look at me like that, it's a JOKE!"
-Krusty the Clown, The Simpsons
  Just so you know how easy it is for a total idiot like myself to produce a website that is as essential to the future of mankind as this one is, a list of all the tools I use is below.  Please feel free to follow in our illustrious footsteps, although you obviously will never reach the brilliant pinnacle of human talent that I occupy.  It's only a one bedroom up here, anyway.
"Philosophers...they all suck."
-Henry David Thoreau
I have an unfortunate habit of updating this particular page in the middle, or at odd points.  So, where this has occurred I will make the recently updated text This Color.