In 1975, archaeologist Myron 'Digger' Colitus unearthed the now famous 'Mortally Wounded Sea Scrolls', including 'The Gospel of Jebus', which was long believed lost.  After years of intense analysis and translation by sub-Saharan holy midgets, the so-called Midgevingians, these amazing documents are finally ready to see the light of day.  Seven Damned Gentlemen died to obtain exclusive rights to these documents, and we bring them to you because we believe in freedom of...something.

The Gospel of Jebus Cripes
The Son of God to some...
...a really nice guy to others
Note: The Gospel of Jebus is on loan through the generosity of the Midgevingian Order of the Sub-Sahara.©MMVI by MOSS
"Jebus Cripes sucks."
-Pontius Pilate
"Let My people Iraq to die for my enrichment."