The ones marked 'TBM' were Taken By Me, and represent the vast majority.  The others I borrowed from some sucker, who I try to credit, so go back to quitting your whining.
TBM- South Central Ohio, 2002
TBM- NHRA Championships, Kirkersville, Ohio, Spring 2006. 
Girl in Bar : "What do you do for a living?"
Guy : "I hold an umbrella over a dragster driver while he's waiting to race."
Girl : "So you're gay, then?"
Guy : "Yes, yes I am."

TBM - Flying the Crack flag, Oklahoma, Summer 2004
"Dell computers suck."
TBM - Defaced billboard, Columbus, Ohio
TBM - Heh, heh...wood.
Found on web-uncredited  nazi lover
Found on web-uncredited.  Jail is too good for these bastards.
Taken by Lee Link, posted somewhere in New York, 2006.
TBM- At a local minor league ballgame, August 2006.  The lady next to her is not telling her about her outfit misfortune.
TBMM- Taken by my mom.  Anaheim, California, the 90's.
TBM- At an unnamed minor-league baseball game, who's hometeam was owned by an unnamed Steinbrenner until recently.  I thought about stealing it, but then I saw it had a theft deterrent system, which deterred me.
Fall, 2006