The Ruiners
Some People Just Have To Ruin Everything
So here comes this gang of idiots in Maryland, to illustrate a point.
  We'll get back to the point, but first, let's introduce the players of Team Douchebag:
So Steny(Steny?) is introducing some tool to an audience of black businessmen, and in referring to Michael Steele (His buddy's campaign rival) he says Steele follows the Republican line "slavishly".  No reaction at the time at all.  This was the appropriate response.  But our good friends the Democrats and Republicans say, 'Fuck that, we're going to have a Spaz Party!  It's Spaztacular!'
  Fingers come out to point.  Cats and dogs screwing in the streets, hair-pulling, wailing women everywhere, society crashing down around us all.
Gibson is the first apoplectic on the scene, flipping about the blatant 'slavery' reference.
Heye chimes in with some bullshit as well, making it clear that Steele is not down with that smack.
Steny promptly apologizes.

  What a bunch of tools, just out doing a hard-days work.  They're job is to work for you, which apparently consists entirely of finding something the other guys did and pointing at it like the frigging Bomb just went off.
  First, let's address Mr. Gibson.  Sir, the word 'slavishly', as well as 'slave', 'slavery', and 'enslave', and also 'apple', all existed before blacks were 'enslaved' in 'America'.  There have been slaves since there have been kings.  Don't be such a possessive bastard, you were never even a slave.  But millions of all races across all time have been, not just 19th century blacks in America.  The word clearly means 'to act in a slave-like manner' you ass.  Quit your stupid whining and get back to being a corrupt jerk.
  As for Steny Hoyer, I can't think of anything bad he's done, and I don't care enough to research it, but he's a politician, so he's obviously a tool.  And why apologize for using a common english word like anyone who speaks common english and has that word in their vocabulary would use it?  Criminettly!
  Doug Heye, well his job is to tell you what some other dude says.  Straight Toolsville.
  Michael Steele was not sitting on my couch when I wrote this, so he has no comment.
--Back to the point--
  The point is, both of the parties, Dems and Repubs, spend all of their time pointing at each other.  Or pointing off into the distance.  Or pointing at you.  They just never get around to doing anything reasonably and efficiently.  Probably because there's no votes or money in it.
Just because these bastards get indignant and offended when the wind blows the other way, doesn't mean you and I should. 
Fucking Ruiners.  Try not to let them make you hate everybody.
Egyptian slave market, circa 1878
November 7, 2006:  The Day The Republicans Won

  I wish to go on record as saying that the Republican plan worked perfectly on Election Day, 2006.  They started taking advantage of it the very next day by firing Donny Rumsfeld, a complete tool and buffoon.  Courtesy of the American School of Being an Overpaid CEO.
  Anyway, he's out, but the Dems are in.  In up to their asses in a fucked up mess.  Somewhere in a bunker deep beneath the White House, Bush, Rummy and the gang are hoisting brandy snifters full of scotch and toasting to their success.
  Here's how I figure it to go...

  The Democrats, although only moved from 'non-existent' to 'minor player', feel like they just won the Super Bowl.  In fact, they've fallen right into the trap-they have to try to fix this helluva mess.  Good luck with that:

  All of this will come together in 2008, and the stupid GOP will trot out some bastard who will win, and the ruining of things will go on.  It's the perfect plan.  Except I sussed it out, so they'll undoubtedly have me whacked to protect their dastardly plan.  Unless...
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Rumor has it that John Madden wants to have a "Civil Union" with Brett Favre.
Photo stolen from Jason Jefferies.