When I was a kid, there was no A.D.D., they just told my folks, "That boy's over-stimulated.  He's as hyper as a dog at a fire hydrant factory."
  In honor of hyperactivity, here's stuff that really doesn't deserve more than a passing mention...
"I am Manfred von Richthofen, ze RED BARON, you schwinehund!"

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To the Stupid Bastards in Hollywood
  Why are you such a dick, Hollywood?  I read that you are feverishly trying to hammer YouTube over amateur movie makers using clips of your lame 'copyrighted' material.  Now look, we all know you're not going to let a damn thing happen that you don't get a cut of, so just set up a clearing house to whore your wares to the would-be Hitchcocks, Romeros, and Scorseses.  For a fee of course.  You dirty bastards.
  While we're at it, thanks for taking the easy road and making an endless stream of crappy crap crap movies to cater to the least common denominator.  When's 'Lost in Space II' coming out, you shameless robbing sons of whore's daughters, who were also whores?
  And especially thanks for totally disregarding even the best details of history just so some screenwriter can feel like he contributed.
  Case in Point: In real-life history, there was an incident in Stalingrad during World War Deuce in which two crack snipers, a Russian and a German, pursued each other in and around the city for days.  The Russian eventually got the German to reveal his position, and his shot at the German passed through the German's scope and into his eye, killing him instantly.  From a damn long way away.  Through the EYE, people.  Look it up.
  In the dreadful Hollywood version, who's name shall not be spake here, Ed Harris, the German, is ambushed by Jude Law, the Russian, through the old run-around-the-train trick, with a rifle shot from, like, ten feet away. 
--Way to fuck up a great real-life climax, Hollywood--
Case in Point Two: A minor detail.  In the movie 'Flyboys', you portray several, if not all, German planes as all red.  You stupid tools, please read a book, any book, about the events you are trying to portray.  If there's a Ziggy book about WWI flying, it probably covers this:
--The Red Baron, the baddest-ass WWI pilot, hands down, was called the Red Baron because only he had a red plane-- 
  I know it sounds geekish, but Jebus, if you don't know that simple thing, what the hell do you know?  Jebus Cripes!
  Lucky for me, Jebus likes it when I use his name in vain, because he knows it sometimes keeps me from strangling the idiot I'm cursing about.
  Man, screenwriters blow.
They blow more than regular writers, that is.
Which is a lot.